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Shoe Tower Competition

Tianbai - Winning design by Omri Menashe
Photo by Alan Hamilton

Winter 2009-2010

In November of 2009, WORKshop announced the winners in Stage Two of the S-TOWER student design competition. The shoe tower design by Omri Menashe was selected by the jury as the winner with an award of $500. An award of $300 was presented to the runner-up, Peter Sherratt. At the time of the competition, Mr. Menashe was a fourth-year, undergraduate student in the B.A. Architectural Studies program and Mr. Sherratt was a third-year, graduate student in the Master of Architecture program. The other three finalists were Nelson Cheng, the team of Nicholas Gosselin and Tyler Murray, and Xian Chi. The three-member jury (Andrew Jones, Larry Wayne Richards, Robin Speke) was pleased with the Stage Two responses from the five finalists that submitted and recognized the tremendous amount of work that the various individuals put into their submissions. The winning and runner-up shoe towers, along with the other three finalists, were displayed as part of WORKshop's opening exhibition at 80 Bloor Street West during the winter of 2010.